Top Facts about Fondant!

Top Facts about Fondant!

There’s nothing called a perfect man but a perfect cake? Well, that’s perfectly possible! 
Beautifully covered with malleable clay, hiding within its tiers mush love and delectable flavors, your dream cake isn’t a far-fetched reality anymore - thanks to ‘fondant for cake’ - you can now paint like a pro!
Fondant is a French term that means ‘melting’ owing to its malleable clay-like consistency. It’s used to embellish cakes and, more often than not, turn them from desserts to Objet d'art! 
Before we delve deeper into types of fondant, taste, and benefits, let us first tell you: 

What is a Fondant made of?

Rolled fondant is made of sugar, water, and corn syrup. Gelatine or shortening is added to make it thick and pliable for sculpting. 

Is Fondant good to eat?

You’d like to bite into this one if you have a sweet tooth. As much as it turns things look gorgeous, it’s still sugar. Some love fondant but some even prefer cakes without it. Totally depends on your taste buds. 
Since many people are health conscious today, a lot of bakers are coming up with ways to achieve the best fondants - less sweet and more delectable. 

What does Fondant taste like?

It tastes like fine sugar clay. The clay-like thick texture imparts a bite to it and doesn’t melt away quickly like normal icing. 

Fondant vs Normal Icing

Contrary to common belief that both are almost similar, they aren’t. They’re not only poles apart in texture but also in usage. Normal Icing is quintessentially a decorator’s favorite tool. It's rich and soft - could be spread out with a knife or piped for aesthetic decoration. Clearly, even fondant is a type of icing - only more versatile. 

How to Use the Fondant?

Fondants are versatile and could be used in varied ways depending on fondant recipes. They could be used as a more traditional poured frosting to glaze up pastries and cupcakes or as rolled out thicker coatings to smoothly cover cakes, sketch art upon or sculpt shapes like fondant flowers, fondant cartoons, etc - anything in the world, basically! 
Fondant is your answer to creating the best story - a new one each time. Mould it to make shapes of your favorite characters or let your imagination run wild. Add coloring to fondant to give it a new identity, a whole new character. Play on! 
So all the nuevo bakers, get your tools out for you’re about to carve out your own masterpiece. Learn More at Confect - your one-point stop for everything cake and bake.
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