Chef and Professional Bakers

There are several reasons that why Confect is the sugar paste choice for my cakes nowadays. It’s consistent and easy to handle and does not stick to the rolling mat so I didn’t have to use any cornstarch. And oh, how does it taste? In a word: WOW. Confect tastes good. Like traditional buttercream icing, only firm. Honestly, I usually remove the sugar paste before eating the cake underneath, but I would be happy to munch on this stuff all day.

Lalit Khajuria

My experience with Confect has been wonderful. Confect is soft and kneads easily. Working with it does not strain your arms or cramp your fingers and hands. The sugar paste has a cool, dry feel and it is not greasy at all. Even as thin as it was, I found it easy to cover the pan with the sugar paste. The softness of the Confect allowed it to settle with more folds and drapes but because it wasn’t sticky it was easy to smooth. But all that smoothing took more time and effort. Experience would make this step easier and quicker, but for me the process was a little time consuming.

Chef Vaibhav Jain

One of the things that’s fantastic about Confect is that it tastes very good. I was really impressed by its workability as it is stretchable and can easily be rolled to 1/8″ or 1/16″ thin and the best part, it blends nicely. I would consider it a bit stiff/dry, which can be both good and bad – this results in less sagging but can become dry and form wrinkles. Looking forward to Confect’s expansion in coming years, way to go!

Chef Pihu Sinha