What our Customer Speaks

It is important that your sugar paste’s look, taste, feel, and work the same every single time so you know what to expect, which is exactly why I purchased Confect because homemade sugar paste is completely unpredictable. Confect sugar paste gives you a significant amount of time to work with it before it becomes too dry. Perhaps it’s a must recommendation for all the bakers looking for a consistent and quality sugar paste.

Snigdha Gulati

Sugar Paste is the only component of my cakes that I don’t make from scratch. I’ve been using the same brand for years but I wanted to find out if there was another that would work better for me. Perhaps one of my friends suggested me to use Confect brand for sugar paste and trust me I do not regret making that choice so far.  The texture of Confect is totally amazing- smooth and pliable. It has a good amount of elasticity and does not shrink back when it’s rolled out. It stands up to kneading and is not too buttery soft in my hand and the best part it is easy to work color into.

Muskan Arora

I have been professionally decorating cakes for three years now and although I've only tried two different types, this is by far the best. Confect is super workable and not too stiff. It leaves a nice smooth surface without needing to add ANY corn starch/sugar or shortening. Other sugar pastes, I've used wrinkles more easily and cracks like crazy, but not Confect. And did I mention the taste? Amazing!

Kalindi Kapoor

Confect was very easy to work with and it produced the best-looking finish out of all the sugar pastes I have worked with. Even in my inexperienced hands the sugar paste came out very smooth, with hardly an imperfection to be seen. But what I really loved about the Confect sugar paste was the LONG shelf life. I don’t make many fondant cakes so it is nice (and cost effective) to buy a big tub of this stuff and not have to worry about it drying out in a few months.

Kriti Ahluwalia

What’s interesting about Confect sugar paste is that it comes in an array of colors, which is great for when you need that bright red or pink (which can be quite challenging to obtain using food coloring). In addition to this, Confect comes in smaller 250 g and 5 kg quantities- perhaps saves the storage space too. Draping was also quite very easy with the use of this sugar paste and it did not disintegrate or cracks down that easily. What made me buy this product was that it is made in India right from scratch which drew my attention and the results did not disappoint me at all. A happy customer !

Surya Sharma

My experience with Confect was excellent, it not only changes the way you decorate but the results also make you dance with joy. It won’t be wrong to say that Confect delivers the best of both worlds, giving you outstanding quality at a rock bottom price.  I did not experience any cracking or elephant skin, just knead a little and you are set to go. I was amazed that such a perfect finish can be achieved at such a low price. I would recommend that Confect is ‘possibly the best’ sugar paste that I’ve used, ultimately taking the frustration out of decorating and putting the fun back in.

Rashmi Salwan

Post using Confect, my reaction- WOW! This product is awesome. I used it for a wedding cake this weekend and I was so surprised that it was so easy to work with. No cracks, it did not dry up, it was much easier to roll than any regular sugar-paste. My mother saw me cover the cake and she was so impressed with how easy it was to roll so thin (she has seen me struggle a few times). And it was so delicious too! I am one of those who really do not like fondant, but I would eat this for sure. Not to mention my mother who has a real sweet tooth, she could eat it like candy. I never want to use regular sugar paste again!

Pooja Batra

Here is the cake I made with your beautiful Confect. It was a different and BETTER experience than any other options that I’ve worked with. I am hooked now and the guests at the party did not say one word about not liking the sugar paste. All the kids said it was tasty and some of the adults too and the ones that DID NOT say it was tasty, well, they did not leave any on their plate either and actions speak louder than words. And these people are CRITICALLLLL: I have known them for a long time: they are very nice and very honest hicks that are not into fondant, so if I could please them, I feel like I can please anyone. I truly love everything about CONFECT: from the feel, to the taste, to the workability. I do need to get used to the difference: with any other regular sugar paste, I had to rush. Now that I have more time to work with the fondant, I must change my pace, which is a very good thing.

Anushka Ahuja

Confect is my go-to modelling medium these days, I mean it’s so easy and efficient to use and work with.  Confect is a low-cost ingredient that completely transformed the cake, attracting a higher price for my cake and greater profit margins. It's delicious, workable, forgiving and fantastic for sculpting. Moreover, there seemed no creative boundaries for my endless cake projects.

Ravleen Chawla

There’s this common myth about fondant because of negative criticism associated with other brands. But I must recommend that educating them on sugar pastes like Confect available is an easy and proven way to overcome this barrier. Talking about my experience with Confect- it was very fine; the smooth and mellow flavor of Confect is unmatched and actually compliments the flavor of the cake. Confect can be molded into a multitude of shapes and designs with ease and efficiency, creating a realistic look – much more challenging, if not sometimes impossible, with other fondants. 5/5 ratings from my experience!

Supriya Sharma

Confect is the ultimate cake maker’s tool. You can use it to decorate cakes of all kinds, cupcakes and cookies, to create models and decorations or use it in kids’ craft. The possibilities are endless. And the best thing it’s available in variant colors, which means that you can make anything from the purest four-tiered wedding cake to amazing celebration cupcakes. Confect is extremely pliable and easy to work with and allows you to mound and work with it to get the desired effect before it begins to harden up. And thanks to the premium quality ingredients used in Confect- the texture of the taste is silky smooth and melts in mouth. So, no need to peel the fondant off!

Priya Yadav