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Confect Beaming Black Drips 110 Gms

Confect Beaming Black Drips 110 Gms

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  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Made in India
  • FSSAI Licensed
  • Fast Shipping Across India
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  • Easy return & exchanges

Best before 12 months from date of manufacturing.

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  • Saves Time

  • 100% Edible

  • Heat Stable

  • Great Taste

  • Stays Fluid

  • Aluminium free

  • Unique formulation

  • Smells Like Vanilla

  • Works on all mediums

  • Less Sweet than regular Drips

  • Comes in both matt & gloss finishes

  • Non Sticky – These Drips do not clump together.

Know more about Confect Beaming Black Drips 110 Gms

Key Features of our Drips

100% Edible – Confect Drips are edible, making them 100% safe to eat.

Works on All Mediums – Whipping cream , Non Dairy Cream, Buttercream, Ganache, Sugar Paste to name a few.

Maintains its Gloss & Shine – Even after hours have passed, ensuring the cake looks freshly made & assembled. This allows bakers to manage their time better.

Saves time – It takes less an a minute to open, pour the drip & decorate the cake, saves a lot of time which can be used to make more cakes, without having to melt, colour, prep & pour drips.

No Discolouration – Confect sugar drips do not fade or loose colour over time.

Does not get Hard – Unlike typical sugar confections, Confect Drips retain a level of fluidity owing to our innovative production process thereby making it a great product to eat & enjoy.

Stays Stable across all Climates – Confect drips are specially keeping in mind the Indian weather, it performs across all clients – rains, cold and extreme heat. It doesn’t absorb moisture or sweat during the monsoons, doesn’t get rancid or leave oil during extreme heat, nor does it get rock hard during the winters.

Does not sweat works, perfect During High Humidity –  India has high humid climates around the country throughout the year, Confect Drips are based on a special blend of ingredients that ensures that it does not get sticky, wet or leaves moisture during periods of high humidity.

Heat Stable – Our drips are heat stable thereby making them the perfect choice for many bakes.

Cost Effective – Confect Drips are highly cost effective – 100% edible, with an internationally acclaimed range of colours and assortments, it’s definitely the most pocket friendly sprinkle out there!

Comes double sealed freshness with Quality Guarantee – Each packet of Confect comes in an convenient & easy to use air tight pack to preserve its freshness. The product is packed in a secure bag inside thereby making it easy to remove all the drips at once and removing only the amount you require.

Resealable Airtight bottle to ensure Longevity & Freshness – Each pack is re-sealable ensuring that it doesn’t get dry due to exposure to air thereby ensuring you have little to no wastage.

Diabetic Friendly as the sweetness is less than all other available – Confect Drips are the only drips in the world that has half the sweetness compared to any other brand. This makes it the preferred choice for many who have to restrict their sugar consumption without sacrificing decorations on their cakes.

100% Gluten Free making it safe to use for people with allergy to Gluten –  Confect Sugar paste is gluten free making it safe to use for all kind of cake decorations.

100% Pure Vegetarian product – The facility is entirely Vegetarian and this is very strictly regulated – At Confect we are very particular about people dietary as well as religious sentiments and ensure that our entire facility is completely vegetarian & jain friendly.

Nut Free Facility –  We recognise that nuts allergies are common and well as server, to ensure complete trust in our product we ensure that out facility is 100% nut free.

Jain Friendly – Confect Sugar paste does not use any form of potato starch. It is only fondant that is 100% jain friendly.

How to Use Drips

Simply rotate the screw top to open the drip bottle.
Hold the bottle pointing downwards at a 30 degree angle.
Squeeze gently to pour the drips to the consistency you require.
Shake Well Before Use.

Care Instructions: You can remove the twist cap completely to clean.

Drips are suitable For

Decorating all types of Cakes, Buttercream, Ganache, Whipped Cream, Non Dairy Cream, Fresh Cream.

Great for making decorating on Chocolates, Cupcakes, Pastries, Desserts, Candies, Muffins, Cake Loaf –  Ideal for any type of bakery item decoration.

Why Confect?

India’s only chef based brand – One of the most premium brands in India.
Special curated recipe to ensure optimum product performance.
Made for tropical climates like India.
Stable across all seasons.
Does not absorb excess moisture.
No elephant skin – Allows your time to work tastes.
Like Vanilla Marshmallow – Doesn’t take away from the flavours of the cake.
Ideal for small cake decorations.
FSSAI registered brand.
FDA approved facility, 100% pure vegetarian facility.
Made In India using premium & sustainable ingredients that are handpicked.

Key Ingredients

Discover the Pure Ingredients in Our Products:

Glucose, Solvent(Glycerol E422), Thickener (CMC E466), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate E202), Water, Pearlescent Pigment, Colorant (Synthetic food color E124, E132, E151), Nature Identical Vanilla Flavour.